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A Pattern Language from Passive House

AIA Canada is excited to to partner with Passive House Canada to offer this four-part course to AIA members. Get your 12 AIA credits with 12 HSW to satisfy your annual credit requirements before the end of the year!

Course Title: A Pattern Language from Passive House

Provider Name: AIA Canada Society

Provider Number:  100100113

Course Fee: $700

(AIA members get 10% discount with code AIAPL39#)

Course Description:

This is an interactive workshop that teaches cost-effective planning and design of affordable, low-emission, mid-rise, multi-unit, wood-framed housing. This four-part workshop presents design problems common to multi-unit buildings, followed by solutions that have worked in previous high-performance projects. These solutions are organized into “patterns” using a format adapted from A Pattern Language by Christopher Alexander (et al). The patterns presented in this workshop are drawn from the hundreds of affordable multi-unit buildings constructed to the Passive House standard worldwide, because this is the largest cohort of affordable, low-emission, mid-rise, multi-unit housing. While these solutions are taken from Passive House buildings, they are applicable for residential building design to meet Step 4 of the BC Energy Step Code, as well as multi-unit buildings aiming for similar low-TEDI or not-zero energy standards. Likewise, while this workshop focuses on affordable housing, the patterns apply equally to market- and luxury-housing projects. RDH is consulting to or certifying more than six million square feet of Passive House. The course is an attempt to condense what we have learned from those projects, with a focus on how to construct multi-family passive house for less.

Course #1 Context and Form | Wednesday, 9 Nov 2022 | 9-noon PDT | Course Number 2022AIACS08 | 3 AIA LU/3 HSW

Learning Objective 1:

Learn about the background and introduction to the book “A Pattern Language” and its history.

Learning Objective 2:

Explore current constraints; wood-frame, mid-rise, multi-unit; role of pre-design planning.

Learning Objective 3:

Gain knowledge of the international Passive House standard and its relationship with Step Code and other standards.

Learning Objective 4:

Acquire awareness of key concepts and roles in architecture for the Anthropocene: Adaptation, Mitigation, Urbanization, and Affordability.

Course #2 Materials and Assemblies | Wednesday, 16 Nov 2022 | 9-noon PDT | Course Number 2022AIACS09 | 3 AIA LU/3 HSW

Learning Objective 1:

Explore the effects of building emissions and how to mitigate them (embodied carbon vs. operational emissions vs. energy efficiency).

Learning Objective 2:

Learn about Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) modelling including monthly and hourly energy models.

Learning Objective 3:

Discuss the impact of thermal bridging on large buildings, how passive house and Step 4 count thermal bridging.

Learning Objective 4:

Understand key milestones in Passive House multi-family projects.

Learning Objective 5:

Understand how FORM FACTOR affects cost and performance of Passive House buildings.

Course #3 Windows and Overheating | Wednesday, 23 Nov 2022 | 9-noon PDT | Course Number 2022AIACS10 | 3 AIA LU/3 HSW

Learning Objective 1:

Large buildings and solar gains. Explore how windows and doors are rated.

Learning Objective 2:

Learn about overheating, internal heat gains in the context of climate change.

Learning Objective 3:

Learn about shading; night flush; mechanical cooling.

Learning Objective 4:

Strengthen learnings with case studies related to overheating.

Course #4 Affordable Mechanical | Wednesday, 30 Nov 2022 | 9-noon PDT | Course Number 2022AIACS11 | 3 AIA LU/3 HSW

Learning Objective 1:

Discuss heat-recovery ventilation primer; impact of flow rates.

Learning Objective 2:

Understand unity efficiency vs. system efficiency.

Learning Objective 3:

Introduction to DHW is large demands; GWP of gas; GWP of refrigerants.

Learning Objective 4:

Explore case study on centralized versus ventilation risks.


November 09 2022


Start: 2022-11-09 @ 10:00
End: 2022-11-30 @ 13:00
Cost: $700
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