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Design Award Series – Webinar 4: Henriquez Partners Architects

Design Award Series – Webinar 4 | Thursday, 17 November, 2022 | Henriquez Partners Architects | Live @ 1:00 – 2:00 pm (EDT)
Provider Name:     AIA Canada Society
Provider Number:  100100113
Course Number: 2022AIACS004
Course Description:
This course is a presentation of the two award winning projects of the AIA Canada Design Awards 2021. Project 1: The Central Presbyterian Church (CPC) redevelopment is the result of a unique partnership between Henriquez Partners architects and the project’s clients: a church that has served Vancouver’s West End for over 90 years and a collaborative Vancouver developer. Project 2: Mirvish Village project marks a shift in Toronto city-building with a development model featuring affordable rental housing, generous public spaces, and vibrant micro-retail.
Learning Objectives:
Project 1:
(1) To learn the role of the architect as a pivotal facilitator, helping to craft unique deals that lead to meaningful projects.
(2) To learn the importance of building trust and embracing risk to achieve award-winning design.
(3) Nurturing opportunities for a true integration of art within architecture.
(4) To learn the value of collaboration in enriching mutual goals, increasing public amenity contributions, and strengthening design.
Project 2:
(5) To Learn about the vital role of public consultation in shaping successful community building and achieving rezoning goals.
(6) To learn about the approaches to thoughtfully integrating large mixed-use developments into low-density, historic neighbourhoods.
(7) Going beyond environmental considerations to achieve holistic sustainability.
(8) To understand re-introducing an element of analog into the design process of complex projects.
About the Presentation:
Shawn Lapointe, Principal at Henriquez, will present the Central Presbyterian Church.
Dallas Hong, Director of Architecture at Henriquez, will present Mirvish Village.
This course is registered for 1 AIA learning unit.
November 17 2022


Date: 2022-11-17
Time: 13:00 - 14:00
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