Continuing Education FAQs

General requirements to remain in good standing with the AIA applicable to all members regardless of location (within or outside of the US) can be found here.

Q: Do I need to maintain both my AIA transcript and my Canadian Provincial one individually?

A: Yes, you need to log your hours with your local Provincial association and also with the AIA. At this time, there is no transcript reciprocity between Canada and the US and both must be maintained individually. Canadian jurisdictions do accept AIA accredited programs for HSW course credit, but the AIA will only accept those directly reported by authorized providers. The exception to this are courses offered by a government agency (an example would be the RAIC or a Provincial Association) or an accredited college or university.

The steps to report qualified HSW items not directly reported to the AIA are as follows:

  • log into your AIA profile and navigate to your transcript
  • click on self-report and again on + submit self-report
  • choose LU|HSW
  • review the criteria and ensure you have the specific supporting documents available; you must both complete the online form and email the supporting documents to  Complete this step before completing the online form as you will need the ticket ID generated upon receipt of the emailed documents. Also include in your email a link to the course description
  • Complete the online form and include your ticket ID reference number and a link to the program course if available
  • Course descriptions may be submitted for consideration in either English or French

Q: What are the AIA membership requirements for continuing education?

A: AIA Architect and International Associate members are required to complete 18 learning units (LUs) of continuing education every year. Of those 18 LUs, at least 12 must be for approved health, safety, and welfare (HSW) courses. Architect Emeritus members are required to complete one (1) LU each membership year. Associate and Allied members do not have a continuing education requirement.

New members are not required to complete the AIA continuing education requirement until their first full year as a member. For example, someone who joins in June will not be required to complete 18 LUs until the following year.

Q: How can I earn AIA qualified continuing education credits?

A: You can earn AIA learning units (LUs) by completing approved learning programs from registered AIA continuing education (CE) providers. You can verify whether a learning program is eligible for AIA CE credit and the type of credit in the AIA CE course catalog. Learning programs completed through registered AIA CE providers will be reported to AIA by the provider within 10 business days of successful completion of the program.

Members may also self-report learning that takes place outside the network of registered AIA CE providers. Self-reported learning programs are only eligible for LU|Elective credit unless the program is delivered by a government agency or is a for-credit course through an accredited college or university. Self-reports should be submitted online.

Q: How do I know if a learning program is approved for AIA learning units (LUs), how many LUs, and what kind?

A: AIA CE providers display the “AIA Continuing Education Provider” logo on their website and other materials.

They are also required to clearly indicate the credit designation and number of units with the description and learning objectives for the course. For example, 1.5-hour program that qualifies for health, safety, and welfare credit will be listed as 1.5 LU|HSW.

Q: What happens if I don’t meet the AIA continuing education requirement?

A: AIA conducts an audit of member continuing education compliance annually. Any members who fail the audit are notified that they have been audited and found to be deficient in the required number or type of credits. Members who fail to meet the annual requirement have until September 30 of the following year to make up any LUs needed to meet the prior-year requirement. Members who fail to complete the requisite credits during the grace period will have their membership terminated. Any member terminated for noncompliance with the continuing education requirement is eligible to reinstate their membership at a later date.

Members who fail the annual audit may also request a waiver for cause from the AIA secretary.