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How Robots Are Changing Modern Commerce and Reducing Carbon Output Through Warehouse Design: A Discussion with Calgary-based Attabotics Founder and CEO, Scott Gravelle


Event Description

Scott discusses how warehouse automation can drastically reduce commerce’s carbon footprint (by up to 85%) by repurposing and optimizing obsolete real estate in urban Canadian markets. Converting available property space in high-density areas can lessen last-mile delivery costs and create jobs in areas closer to labor bases. Learn how Attabotics’ geometric single, vertical storage structures reduce warehouse space and pair with the company’s ‘ant’ ethos – not only mimicking the design of ant colonies, but the behavior and function of the ants themselves to deliver a more efficient and eco-conscious fulfillment system.

Speaker: Scott Gravelle, Founder and CEO, Attabotics

Moderator: Lara Presber, AIA, AAA, AIBC, MAA, OAA, AIA, NCARB, President, AIA Canada Society

May 20 2022


Date: 2022-05-20
Time: 18:00 - 19:00
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AIA International and AIA Hong Kong
AIA Canada Society